misty4me (misty4me) wrote,

So Joe, you lied to us....

Beware! Spoilers for Kindred2 and The Last Man...
So I probably would have liked Kindred 2 more if Carson being back was a surprise. But even if I'd stayed unspoiled up until last week, the trailer would have given it away.

Carson as a clone. Hey Joe M. What was that in your blog about it being the real Carson, not an AU Carson, not a clone? Maybe you can explain to us?

Carson as a clone was so predictable. I hate it. So little imagination. Not to mention explaining how CloneCarson has the real one's memories. I would have much preferred an AU Carson or a replicator clone dying on Atlantis and the real Carson somehow ending up in Michael's hands. And you know, doesn't CloneCarson  in stasis just make it so easy for them to kind of forget that he exists? Ford who?

One blooper....Rodney mentions how Weir dies defending them from the Replicators. But CloneCarson would have none of RealCarson's memories after Misbegotten, so he wouldn't know about the events of Progeny or The Return. He wouldn't even know that Replicators exist in the Pegasus Galaxy let alone that the Lanteans have had run-ins with them.

BUT...I was SO GOOD to see Carson again. I've missed him a lot on the show. And put him beside Keller and there's just no comparison.  JS may be a fine actress but her Keller is dull. She sleepwalks through her scenes and it was never so obvious as in the Gateroom scene where Carson was rattling off vitals and in command of the situation and she just delivers lines without much enthusiasm.

Carson and Rodney together...oh I've missed that as well. And the writers actually gave them scenes where they could be more than cartoon character. And at the end, Carson saying goodbye to everyone. God, I loved that. Emotional but not histrionics.

My consolation? They've signed PM for five episodes next year so we know they get Carson out of stasis. My worry? That they don't find a cure and TPTB decide they can just put him back in cold storage, like my grandmother's mink coat....or worse, they kill him again.

Teyla? What are they going to do with her? I have ideas. I think she will eventually be Michael's downfall whether it's because she defeats him or she makes him realize that he needs to stop what he's doing. It's that connection between them, you know? At any rate, I assume we see her again in the season premier.

And the trailer? The KISS....god, you'd think the people running this show would know better by now. But maybe it's only a teaser for a timeline that never happens.

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