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So I purposely avoided any episode info on this one because I wanted to see how they got Carson out of cold storage and what they did with him. It was pretty obvious, from Search and Rescue, that Rodney was going to bring home the information they need along with Michael's database. And I already figured that Keller was going to be the one to find the solution. Of course as they say in the episode, the serum's not a permanent solution, so I guess Martin Gero is still reserving the right to kill off Carson or keep him off Atlantis by means of his 'condition'.


I liked this episode. The pacing, with the exception of a few scenes, was pretty good. It got slow around the Keller isn't answering sequence and the Radek and Teyla in the conduit sequence, but other than that, it was decently paced and pretty even.

The whole Rodney/Keller/Ronon thing bothers me because you know that the writers are not going to do this well. They just don't have that kind of depth or insight. On the other hand, I actually can see Keller with either of them. Stait does seem to have the ability to project some chemistry between Keller and male characters. That is so much more than the actress who played Katie Brown. Of course the writers didn't exactly give her anything to work with either.

Speaking of Keller, I didn't hate her in the ep. That's a first. Probably because she didn't actually do much but lay there after she thawed Carson out. And for once, I thought that her being scared worked, because, who the heck wouldn't be terrified waking up that way? Heck, she should have been screaming her head off.

So, once Carson gave Woolsey the analysis of the tentacles, I knew what was up. And how cool that the Wraith actually grow their ships. Makes you wonder how much of a planet it takes to grow a hive ship ('Well it's not a case of hives, now is it?" No one could walk away from that line, now could they?) And of course I started wondering who's brain is at the core of each hive ship, and why MIchael had to experiment? Maybe they usually use a Wraith and he had to adapt the virus to humans? And what happens if the brain dies, because wraith can live forever but not humans.

And I love Carson being back. I really did try to accept Keller in S4, but man, talk about a whiney brat. So not CMO or save the day material. And every time they put her next to Carson, Keller's shortcomings are just emphasized. JS is a good actress, but you know, the SG franchise has never written women well unless they are military women. Keller is not exception. This Carson seems to be better written than before, which helps. The writers seem to have gotten away from making him afraid of his own shadow. Of course surviving as Michael's slave for two years would have to toughen you up.

Now about Woolsey.

I pretty much expected that Pegasus would be a rude awakening for him, although given the history of what's gone on you have to wonder why he'd expect to actually be able to play by the rules to begin with. And he's shown in the past that he is willing to turn a blind eye to procedure when it makes sense. That's the only way Weir stayed in her post after Misbegotten. Still, I really think they should have extended his insistence on following.the.rules. to. the. letter for a couple more episodes. There's a lot of interesting conflict there that isn't going to be explored. Sure, there'll still be conflict between Sheppard and McKay and Woolsey, but in the end, now that he's capitulated once, it will be so much easier to get him to again.

So, we have Carson off to Earth, but we know he comes back because PM is in 4 more episodes this season.

We know how hive ships grow and now we have a great weapon against them, because now we know that without it's brain the ship will die and there's a way to cut the connection. Now it just remains to find out where on the ship the brain is hiding.

We have Rodney and Ronon and Keller which I hate because romances are just not the writers' forte

We have Woolsey already headed down the slippery slope to being a real human being

We have recoverying Athosian hybrids, including Kanaan. So I guess that means John is the only one without a 'love interest'. Huh, I guess that means that they'll drag Larin back through with a story line. She's a fun character, but love interest for Sheppard? Nah, that totally doesn't work. She's way too callous with people's lives and freedom for him to have any respect for her. Not to mention that I personally think she's a b......

What no one has told us is how the heck did they clean up the mess? I think we need the left over replicators to stop by for a visit, kinda like calling in 'The Maids' for a one shot visit.

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