February 13th, 2005


Oh my! It's my own Live Journal!

Okay, so I registered because I wanted ot post my Big Valley slash here so I suppose I ought to do that, and invite anyone who wants to comment, to do so. While I'm not adverse to dissenting opinions about slash, I will say that I'm not going to waste a lot of time on defending writing it. After all, no one is twisting your arm to read here....

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Menage Part 1 NC-17

Incest, M/M, First Time, Threesome

Summary: The newest Barkley brother fits right in, in more ways than one.

Jarrod let his hand fall on Heath’s bare shoulder and trail across his back. He felt the tremor run through the younger man’s body and looked over Heath’s shoulder at Nick. A slight nod from the dark-haired rancher was all he needed. Nick had seen what he needed to as Heath’s beefy cock started to stir at his brother’s touch.

“Well I don’t know about you two but I’m going to enjoy the sun.” With that, the lawyer laid down in a sunny patch of grass near where they’d been swimming and closed his eyes. Nick excused himself to go back to the cabin and begin lunch preparations. Heath chose a spot a few feet away and settled in the shade, throwing an arm over his face. The only sound was the breeze rustling through the trees and the lapping of the water on the rocks.

Nick reappeared a few minutes later and nudged Jarrod awake. They knelt on either side of the naked, sleeping blond and Nick uncorked the bottle of oil pouring it into Jarrod’s hand where it warmed for a few seconds before he drizzled it across the half hard cock that lay against Heath’s thigh.

The two brother’s eyes met and Nick nodded. “Bout time those lily white hands came in handy for something.”

“If they bother you so much little brother” Jarrod grinned and shot back, “I’ll just keep them to myself from now on.” Instead of reaching for Heath he reached over to cup Nick’s balls in his hand and began to massage them, running his fingertips back, over the sensitive pucker that lay just behind. Nick’s head went back in ecstasy and he stifled a moan. Jarrod taunted him, slipping his fingertip just inside the pucker and pulling it out.
Heat swirled in Nick’s hazel eyes and he hardened almost instantly. It took all his self-control to reach down and pull the skilled hand away.

“Just do it!” He hissed.

Jarrod shot him a rakish grin and reached down to gently caress the slick soft flesh nestled in a bed of tawny blond hair on their younger brother. The rhythm of Heath’s breathing changed immediately, and Jarrod backed off in case he started to wake. Whatever dreams had been flitting through the sleeping mind, they shifted as Jarrod reached down again to softly stroke. With each pass Heath grew in his hands. Both Jarrod and Nick watched and their desire grew as they saw that Heath had inherited yet another trait from Tom Barkley. He was hung like a bull. The two brothers were hot and hard, their arousal weeping fluid and twitching with each gentle moan and every jerk of their youngest brother’s cock.

“Oh god….” Nick was beside himself. He had worked with Heath every day for six months and he’d gone to bed jerking himself off and dreaming of being embedded in the blond’s ass almost every night. People thought that Nick hated Heath in the beginning, but both Nick and Jarrod knew that he’d wanted the man so badly that he’d had to act that way in self-defense.

Jarrod hadn’t been any better, except that he at least didn’t have to see their new brother all day, every day. Still, both men had lost count of the number of times one or the other had to excuse himself and go looking for relief in the middle of a family gathering. It was Jarrod who had noticed Nick’s difficulty first. Nick was standing by his desk going over contracts one day when Heath walked into the study. He was dressed in freshly washed faded jeans and a white cotton shirt and Jarrod watched as Nick’s hardon instantly filled his pants. Bent over the massive oak desk, the problem wasn’t obvious to Heath, and Jarrod suppressed a smile as Nick grumbled at the newest Barkley brother.

“I thought you were gonna work with those horses before lunch!”

Confused at Nick’s hostility, Heath stopped dead in his tracks and stammered,
“Uh…sure Nick…uh, I just wanted to ask if ya wanted me to get that new bay started halter training.”

Nick blushed at his own rudeness but it was Jarrod who saved the moment. “Don’t pay any attention to him, Brother Heath, he’s just mad that I told him I don’t like his proposal for buying the Turner ranch.”

The blond was visibly relieved and shot the two a lopsided grin. Nick returned it and the two cowboys agreed on the bay. Heath left for the corrals and Jarrod stood up to close the curtains across the window that held a panoramic view of the barns and pastures. There was no one else in the house for the moment, Silas and the women were all at the orphanage. He turned around and grabbed Nick, snaking his hands around front and undoing his brother’s belt and buttons with a practiced hand. In no time Nick’s pants were pooled around his ankles and Jarrod had one hand stroking his cock and the other plying his ass with two fingers. All the time, Jarrod whispered in his ear…

“Just imagine being in that tight ass of his Nick, imagine yourself cumming and pumping everything you have into him. Nick moaned at the visions his brother’s words created, all the while barely able to hold himself upright. He thrust against the fingers that were stroking his prostate and making him gasp in ecstasy. When Nick’s legs began to quiver Jarrod pushed him forward across the desk and stepped in behind, spreading the muscular cheeks. He used his own wetness to lube his brother’s hole and pushed inside, still stroking Nick’s own rock solid shaft. The room was filled with the sound of grunts and moans, of flesh slapping flesh, and the raspy, tortured breathing of both men as they stifled their cries and came in great hot pulses that had Jarrod driving himself hard into his brother’s hot core. Minutes later, the brothers shared a drink and came to a decision. They needed to find out if Heath would fit with them, if not, it was going to make his staying at the ranch impossible.

Menage, Part 2 (NC-17)

That morning in the library had been four months ago and now they’d finally come to the day that would settle all their fates. Heath’s cock was rigid and hot, it twitched with every breath, every stroke. Nick reached out to stop Jarrod’s hand and remove it from the sleeping man. Heath’s legs had spread in unconscious enjoyment and Nick settled himself between them, careful not to touch too soon. He took in the sight of the glorious shaft, thick, long, red with desire. The heat poured off it and the musky scent of arousal filled his head. Letting out a moan as Jarrod slid up behind him and inserted a finger in his ass, Nick bent his head and opened his mouth. He slid further and further down the shaft, taking in as much as he could. Jarrod waited for him to stop, then carefully thrust his fingers into Nick’s ass again, searching for his prostate and sending a wave of pleasure out from his core. The moan that escaped Nick’s throat finally tipped Heath over the edge of consciousness.

He woke to the most exquisite sensation a man can and looked down to find his hard cock buried in Nick’s throat. The pleasure overrode shock and he reached down to grab the dark head that worked its rhythmic magic on every nerve in his body. Nick moaned again and the vibration sent Heath over the edge again.

“Niiiiiiiiiick!” His hips shot up into Nick’s mouth and almost choked him. He pumped pulse after pulse of heat down Nick’s throat, at the same time he felt Nick’s hot climax splattering on his legs as Jarrod pumped into his brother’s ass until he was done.

Jarrod allowed them only enough time for Nick to be able to move before he pushed his middle brother aside and positioned himself between the blond’s legs. Drizzling more oil onto his hands he looked in the lidded blue eyes so like his own and smiled a wicked smile. Raising one leg and brushing oil-slick fingers over the younger man’s asshole he felt him tense and then saw the look of panic in his eyes as he slid his first finger in.

“Nick!” Jarrod dared not move. Neither of them had figured on this being Heath’s first time. Nick moved up next to the young man and started to whisper in his ear. “It’ll be okay little brother, just relax. You’ll like it… better than getting head.” Nick’s words helped to quell Heath’s panic and Jarrod felt the tight ring of muscle that had clamped down on his finger relax. He slid in some more and went straight for the prostate, judging that the man he was ministering to would need proof.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Heath’s hips jerked and he almost pulled off of Jarrod’s fingers. The blue eyes flew open and his breathing came in great heaving gulps. “More!” Jarrod obliged, stroking in and out, across the hard knob of tissue, sending an electric shock of lust through the Heath’s body each time. When the blond was beyond caring for anything but the thrill being stroked to life in his ass, Jarrod inserted a second finger, then a third, scissoring and stretching the tight hole until he judged that Heath was as ready as he would ever be. In one swift move he pulled his fingers out and plunged the head of his aching cock into the tight knot of muscle.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Heath cried out as much in shock as in pain. He tried to move away but Nick’s hands clamped down on his shoulders and the deep voiced cowboy whispered in his ear. “Relax, just relax. Like you did before.” As much as he regretted hurting the blond cowboy, knowing that the pain came from taking his virginity excited Jarrod and blood rushed into his erection making it grow thicker. Jarrod’s eye’s closed, lost in ecstasy. Nick watched what was happening with wonder. He’d never seen Jarrod this big. Heath felt himself stretch even more as the huge purple head pushed his hole further open.

Heath’s panicked eyes settled on Nick’s dark ones and he took a deep breath and willed himself to relax. Jarrod let out the breath he’d been holding while Heath had clamped down so painfully hard on him. With the release of the tension he slipped in more and this time the moan that rumbled up from the blond’s chest was one of pleasure as the hot beefy cock stroked across his prostate. His asshole was stretched painfully big and he felt as full as a man could. Something in his animal brain told him to ignore the discomfort and beg for more. “Move!”

Menage, Part 3 (NC-17)

Jarrod’s eyes flew open and he grinned seeing that Heath was going to take this all the way. He pushed his way in, stretching the tight hole even more. Heath thought he was going to split open when finally the last of his tension released as exhausted muscles gave up their fight. Jarrod’s weight settled onto him and penetrated deep, it was like being gloved in molten heat. The fire that surrounded his cock drove Jarrod to move. He was careful not to be too rough. He knew the man would be sore no matter what, but he could make it as easy as possible. Nick had moved behind him and was plunging oiled fingers into his asshole while he pumped atop the blond. It took every ounce of his control not to slam wantonly into his brother’s tight ass. He loved fucking Nick, but it had been a long time since Nick had been so tight. There was nothing like taking a virgin, nothing like those first few fucks when the muscles hadn’t really learned the trick of relaxing and they held on tight. Nick had been just the same way when they’d first experimented as teens.

Jarrod felt the burn begin in the base of his cock, behind his balls. It was a raging white cauldron that started to rise. When it boiled over he slammed into Heath’s ass, oblivious to the cries of mixed pleasure and pain that were coming from beneath him. He pumped and pumped until there was no more fire then he felt Heath begin to tip over the edge. Quickly he clamped his hand down hard on the base of his cock. Stopping the climax before it could happen. Heath whimpered in frustration and pain, angry as Jarrod thrust in one short burst after another letting his climax tail away while leaving Heath frustrated and aching.

Crystal blue eyes looked into fiery blue ones and Jarrod knew that Heath was on the edge of killing him he was so frustrated. He let his softening cock slide out of Heath’s ass and raised himself carefully. Nick grabbed Heath’s cock and guided it to Jarrod’s hole and then watched as his brother eased himself down onto the blond’s hot shaft. He knew when to stop, when to slide further. Heath’s eyes widened in shock and Nick stroked himself as he watched Heath’s cock disappear up Jarrod’s ass. Jarrod rode the blond cowboy up and down, his own cock hardening again, until he felt the body under him begin to tremble. He grabbed his himself and stroked until he was at the edge. He raised up one last time and plunged down, letting out a guttural scream as his hot juices spurted across Heath’s face. Heath bucked in response and poured fire into Jarrod’s core. His climax lifted both men off the ground then slammed them back down, driving his shaft further into Jarrod’s ass and drawing another gasp of raw pleasure form the lawyer. Nick added his own cries of climax to the symphony.

The waning afternoon found all three men asleep in a pile in the grass. Nick stirred first, moving his head off of Heath’s chest and looking into the sky blue eyes that had taunted him for months. He smiled and received a lopsided grin in return. Together they woke their other brother. It wasn’t until Heath stood up that he realized how sore he was. The other two helped him to the lake to clean up and then back to the cabin for a hot bath, a meal and good night’s sleep. Nick and Heath were already under the covers of the large bed that had been built especially for Nick, a taller man than normal for the times. Jarrod padded in and turned down the lamp, slipping in on the opposite side of Heath. Draping one hand over the blond’s waist, he drifted off to sleep, in a tangle of arms and legs.

Menage, Part 4 (NC-17)

The rest of the week at the lodge was spent in a daze of sex, sleep and food. At the ranch, Nick and Jarrod always had to watch themselves so they weren’t caught out. It was only on trips like this that they could relax and they tended to go to extremes. Adding Heath to the mix had made the sex even headier. Nick was turned on, in particular, by the look on the blond’s face when he was just on the edge of cumming. One glance at the mingled pleasure and pain and he’d be over the edge himself.

Where Nick was a man to enjoy taking his sex to its inevitable climax, Jarrod liked to play. Over the years he’d become expert at teasing Nick with his fingers, his tongue, even his cock, sending wave after wave of lust through him until his younger brother was begging for release. The sight of Nick writhing on the floor or the bed with the need to cum drove the older man to distraction. He loved seeing the brash, self-assured rancher with his whole body under the control of his rock hard cock as Jarrod worked it. He would bring Nick to the brink over and over, until he would finally plunge his aching shaft into that hot enticing hole and they would both finish with a mind-shattering intensity that left them stunned and gasping for breath.

Now there was Heath. Oh how Jarrod had enjoyed the afternoon he’d tied the blond to the bed and spent an hour just finger fucking him. He was careful to use a lot of lube and just as careful to brush inside with gentle touches. He watched the waves of pleasure run through the body on the bed, making it tense and thrash every time. He indulged in leaning in closer to lick the dripping wetness from his head and run his tongue around the sensitive ridge but he made sure not to take it too far. Finally, when it was time and his own need couldn’t wait any more, Jarrod plunged three fingers in and worked them until the hot tight hole he’d been plying was ready. Legs over his shoulders, he pushed in, stopped, and stayed like that for what seemed like ages.

“Dammit Jarrod, move!” Heath was desperate and Jarrod was still teasing him.

Oh it had been so exquisite watching Heath’s faces as he crept in bit by bit. He swore the blond was almost in tears, his hands clenching and unclenching with the need for release. The whole time it was all he could do to keep from cumming himself, it was such a turn on. When he’d finally buried himself as deep as he could go, Jarrod pulled out and began pumping in and out of the tight heat. It didn’t take long for both of them to climax and then Jarrod had started again even before Heath had completely recovered from his first orgasm, first one finger with gentle strokes. By the time they headed back to civilization all three men were sore and sated.

Menage, Part 5 (NC-17)

Arriving back at the ranch was torture. The house was never empty and there was no chance to be alone. All three men found themselves increasingly horny, minds unable to focus on the tasks at hand. Instead pictures of hot cocks sliding in and out of mouths and asses filled their imaginings.

Three days after they returned to the ranch, Jarrod left for San Francisco for a month. Heath and Nick managed to clear up the accumulated work around the main compound and set the work schedule for the next couple of weeks. The brothers went back to working the herd with one big difference, Nick found as many reasons as possible for them to end up on the same job or the same part of the ranch.

Nick was like a kid with a new toy.

Their first day back out working away from the main compound, they’d ridden up into northern end of the ranch, near the foothills, to check the fence line and see what shape the streams were in. It was looking like a dry summer and they wanted to know if moving the herd up there would be an option should things get too dry nearer Stockton. Stopping to water the horses, they were barely out of the saddle before Heath felt Nick’s arms circle his waist and the strong, leather gloved hands slide down to his groin. Leaving the horses to fend for themselves, Nick pulled him back into a powerful embrace and began rubbing his own crotch against Heath’s ass. He’d been half hard most of the ride and the contact took care of the rest. Heath could feel the heat and the bulk pressing into his ass and it drove blood into his own erection.

“Been too long, Little Brother.”

He reached up and removed one black leather glove with his teeth, letting it drop in the grass. That done, he unbuckled Heath’s gunbelt and let it drop followed by his own. The buttons to Heath's jeans were the next obstruction to go. Finally, Nick’s hand was traveling down inside the worn jeans, fondling the heavy balls waiting there.

“Oh god, Nick…” Heath's pants were being pushed off his hips while the other hand, still in it’s black leather glove, was pushing up under his shirt.

“Bend over.” Heath did as he was told. He let go of the sack he'd been massaging and reached up, moving his fingers to Heath’s mouth, needing him to suck. As the blond did, groans of need started to rumble from deep in his Nick’s chest. Finally Nick pulled his fingers out of the warm moistness that was driving him crazy and he slid them over the tight pucker that guarded Heath’s core. First one finger slid in, searching for the spot. When he felt the muscular torso buck against his hand he knew he’d found it. They stayed like that, to Heath it seemed like forever, but it was really only a few minutes, then Nick slid in the second and third fingers using them to stretch the tight hole and ready it for him. With Heath moaning in his arms, he finally pulled out and unbuttoned his own pants, ignoring the wet spot that his arousal had created in anticipation.

Parting the muscular cheeks Nick positioned himself at Heath’s hole and let the liquid that was weeping from his head pool there for a moment. Then he pushed in, burying his head just inside the ring of tight muscles. Both men shuddered at the sensation. Heath fought not to clamp down and Nick bit his cheek, trying to resist the urge to slam inside all at once.

“Move!” Heath’s voice cut through the fog. Nick slipped in further, feeling the warmth surround him and almost crying out at how delicious it was. He inched in until he was buried as far as he could go, then he pulled back and began to pump slowly in and out. For a long time the only sounds by the stream were the grunts of the two men, then Nick reached around to stroke his brother’s aching shaft. As soon as he touched it Heath bucked at the added sensation and clamped down .

“Gonna.cum.Nick!” In two strokes it started. Both of them convulsed as the heat exploded from behind their balls and coursed up their cocks until it found release outside their bodies. Unable to stay on all fours anymore, Heath slumped forward into the grass. Nick lay on top of him, his hips continuing to pump of their own volition, wringing every ounce of sensation out of the blond’s ass.

Menage, Part 6 (NC-17)

On the days that they worked together the young blond almost never had his pants on all the way. Nick would find them an isolated job to do and as soon as they were off their horses, his hands would be in Heath’s pants, pulling him out, fondling him, getting him hard. Most mornings it was all he could do to wait that long before he was inside the blond’s tight tunnel.

After almost a year of letting his hand substitute for the real thing, Nick wasn’t inclined to deny himself what he wanted so badly. At first, he would take Heath two or three times a day, whenever their work permitted. Heath joked to himself that by the end of two weeks he’d probably left cum stains on the floor every line shack along the eastern border of the ranch. Nick liked to take the top and that suited Heath. He loved nothing more than the feel of a thick shaft filling him and stroking his prostate.

One day Nick discovered that watching Heath cum on himself turned him on. From that moment forward he took the blond from the front, not behind. He’d watch as Heath came all over his own chest, then Nick would smear the sticky fluid into the mat of golden chest hairs that covered the younger man’s torso. It would dry there and later mix with the sweat of honest labor as the two would work side by side at some rough physical job. The mingled scent of cum and sweat would drive Nick to seek out the next spot for an encounter.

He took to cornering his little brother in out of the way niches around the main compound, teasing him with a stroke or a few sucks, maybe a quick finger up the ass. Anything to keep the blond semi-hard all day. Finally, almost a month into his obsession, Nick broke the cardinal rule that Jarrod has set early on. They would never come to each other’s bedrooms. There was just too much chance of being caught. Unable to sleep one warm May night, Nick reached for himself then stopped. What he really wanted was Heath. He got out of bed and wordlessly made his way down the hall, letting himself into his younger brother’s room. Heath was asleep on his stomach, the covers kicked off. It was so simple that Nick did it without thinking twice. He walked over to the bed and lifted the edge of the nightshirt revealing the tight ass that gave him such pleasure. Pulling a tin of lube out of his bathrobe pocket he slicked his fingers and gently spread the muscular cheeks. Heath woke with the moonlight streaming across his face and his brother’s finger up his ass.