April 1st, 2005


Menage Part 7 NC-17

Beginning with the lodge, Heath had slept soundly, dreamlessly for the first time in years. Hard work had always been enough to exhaust his body, but never really enough to release the mental tension that dogged him. For a man who seemed calm and relaxed, he was strung tight. But the sex had changed all that. When he fell into bed at the end of the day now, his mind relaxed right along with his body and he slept a deep refreshing sleep.

It was that same deep sleep that Nick’s finger dragged him out of. At first the delicious feeling became part of his dream, but then as the sensations began to edge him over the border of consciousness, he realized that it was real. There really was a finger sliding in and out of him and his cock really was rubbing against the soft linen sheets of the bed.

Nick watched as Heath’s hips took up his rhythm, thrusting back against his finger, then forward to savor the feel of cloth and pressure against his sensitive flesh. He moaned and Nick suddenly became aware of just how dangerous this was. The thought of fucking Heath in such a risky place sent more blood to his aching shaft. Without any further hesitation he shifted between the outstretched legs. Placing a hand on either side of Heath’s shoulders, he pressed his weeping head against the slicked pucker and began to push his way in with a steady pressure. Heath’s eyes flew open as he traveled the last small distance to wakefulness. Pressing back he rose to his knee, forcing Nick to shift his arms and giving him deeper access at the same time.

They coupled with a silent frenzy, bodies pounding against one another, hips gripped with a possessiveness that would leave bruises in the shape of hand prints. It went on until Nick began to feel Heath’s muscles tighten as the white light exploded. The bucking drove him over the edge and he pumped his own heat into the tight warm space of his brother’s ass. Panting, he collapsed silently on the still shaking body beneath him. The sun was just pushing up over the horizon when Nick slipped his softening erection out of Heath’s ass.

Their early morning couplings lent an air of danger to the affair that appealed to Nick. Always the more volatile and impulsive of the brothers, he had chaffed at Jarrod’s rules even though they made sense. Trips to Heath’s room in the early morning hours became part of their routine.

Early on both men started the day relaxed and sated, but as days passed it was frequently only Nick. In the second week of their nighttime liaisons, the dark rancher finally admitted to himself that control over Heath’s climax gave him a sense of power that he’d never known he wanted or needed. With Jarrod there has always been the desire to relinquish control, to let someone else take over. With Heath, he needed to be the one who took them both to climax.

He discovered that Heath frustrated and desperate for release was much more satisfying than Heath cumming. Instinct guided him one morning to take further control. Their sex had an edge to it that dawn that Heath hadn’t felt before. Nick seemed to be wilder, more demanding. Pumping in and out of the tight hole he felt both their climaxes begin to build. Using one of Jarrod’s tricks, he reached around and gripped the base of Heath’s cock squeezing as the body impaled beneath him bucked and writhed trying to achieve release. The struggle beneath him, to cum….to stay silent, pushed Nick over the edge into a more powerful orgasm than he’d had in a while. Heath lay stunned, needing release, unable to object when his older brother pulled out and rolled him onto his back. Kissing him and leaning down further when it was done, he whispered, “Don’t get yourself off. I want you horny all day.” He pressed his weight against the aching shaft until the other man moaned in agreement.

Fifteen minutes later Nick followed Heath down the stairs of the mansion, dressed and ready for a full day of work. Breakfast with the family was quiet and the two finally excused themselves to start the day. Heath paused by the front door to pick up his hat and gunbelt, Nick stopping beside him. As they busied themselves with these last preparations, Nick whispered just loud enough for the other cowboy to hear, “I love knowing my cum will be dripping out of your ass all morning.” The words were met with a sharp breath, and Nick looked down to see the bulge of unfulfilled desire straining at his brother’s pants.

“Nick, we outta be in town meeting Jarrod’s train.”

“I sent a man in with one of the buggies. Now don’t make me repeat myself.”

“But Nick, ain’t that kind of a cold welcome for bein’ away almost two months?”

“Heath, Jarrod knows this is a working ranch. He won’t mind.”

“Wouldn’t exactly call this workin’.” Heath caught himself before he muttered it too loudly.

“What was that boy?”

“Nothing Nick.”

“Then don’t make me repeat myself.”

Heath looked into the hazel eyes and saw the determination there. It was pointless to try to change Nick’s mind. The dark haired rancher was perched less than a foot away, on the edge of a chair, his pants undone, his arousal free from the restrictions of the heavy cotton and buttons. Heath lay sprawled naked on the bunk in the line shack. Nick had brought him there first thing in the morning and stripped him of his clothes. At first he’d just made the cowboy lay on the bed while he got himself off. “Just watch boy, don’t touch yourself.” By the time he’d spurted his climax across Heath’s chest the blond was hard. He rubbed the sticky mess into the chest hairs and up across his lips, “Clean my hand.” Heath licked the fingers clean as Nick used his other hand to pinch and pull at the nipples covered in his slickness.

Heath began to moan as the pleasure traveled from his nipples down to his groin. The vibrations as he sucked Nick’s fingers began to get the older man hard again and he commanded, “Touch yourself.” Heath had complied, stroking his shaft until his balls pulled up and the muscles in his legs began to tremble. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, or he wouldn’t have been so shocked when the vicelike hand clamped down on the base of his shaft. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Hard as his body tried, there was no way for Heath to climax. When the spasms subsided, Nick just looked at him and smiled. “One.”

That had been hours ago. Nick had played out the scenario over and over, relentless in his refusal to let Heath find any satisfaction. They’d stayed away through lunch, eating the sandwiches Silas had packed. Nick fed Heath bites in between stroking him and sucking on the head of his cock. It was interesting watching the blond as he tried to make the mental shift between sex and food over and over again. Eventually he gave up and just did whatever his brother said without thinking.

“Back in bed little brother.” Heath groaned and moved from the table to the bed. “You know what to do.”

“Oh god, not again, please Nick. Please!” Heath was practically in tears. His brother made him take himself almost to climax four times, each time stopping the final satisfaction with a tight grip on his cock, keeping the heavy full balls from releasing their load.

“Do it boy!” Nick reached down and squeezed the balls painfully. Heath reached down hurriedly, not wanting his brother to repeat the gesture. He tried his best to hide his building climax from Nick, hoping he would see it too late for the other man to stop him, but it wasn’t to be. Once again, the steel grip surrounded him and his release was denied.

Once Heath’s erection had faded again, Nick tossed him his clothes. “It’s getting’ late Heath. We best be getting back. Mother won’t stand for us being late for dinner with Jarrod just getting back.” He left the room as Heath dressed, knowing that however much the blond wanted to get himself off, he wouldn’t do it. He hadn’t been given permission. A self-satisfied grin graced Nick Barkley’s face.

Jarrod sat at the dinner table, watching his two younger brothers. He didn’t know how to feel about having a ranch hand meet him at the station. After two months away, a month longer than anticipated, he had expected a better welcome. But Nick and Heath had come home late in the afternoon and explained it away as the load of work on the ranch. Something was off though. On the one hand, Nick seemed to be more at ease than he had been since Heath had come to the ranch. And from what Duke has said earlier, Nick was quickly relinquishing a lot more responsibility to Heath. Heath though, seemed to be tense. Jarrod wondered if Nick was putting too much pressure on their younger brother.

They spent an enjoyable family evening in the billiard room, with Jarrod taking Nick two games out of three. But the work of the last two months caught up with the lawyer and he called it an early evening. Though he’d been hoping to catch his brothers alone to arrange for a meeting spot the next day, he was disappointed as neither chose to come upstairs at the same time.

I was the darkest time of night when Jarrod awoke. His bladder was demanding relief so he tossed on his robe and made his way to the watercloset at the end of their wing. Passing back by Heath’s room on the way to his own, a noise caught his attention. IT sounded like a cry and it was coming from Heath’s room. Jarrod’s concern was roused. Heath apparently was having nightmares again. He quietly turned the knob and opened the door. Silhouetted in the moonlight, he saw Nick drive himself deep into his brother with a force that shook the younger man’s body. Heath arched his back with each thrust, trying for more contact as Nick brushed his prostate. The moonlight glinted off their sweaty bodies and Jarrod could see the firm hold that Nick had on Heath’s legs, could see the dampness fall from Nick’s hair onto his chest. And then without warning, both men began to move erratically. Nick’s rhythm faltered and he arched his back as his climax shook him. Heath tumbled over the edge right after that, shooting his load between the two of them.

Jarrod was rooted to the spot, unable to move for a moment. Finally, when he’d recovered from his shock, he realized he needed to leave before they saw him. Despite his quiet tread a noise caught Heath’s attention and he opened his eyes in time to see his oldest brother slip out the door.
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