May 29th, 2006


Tag you it - 8 things

I was tagged by chaps1870
When you've been tagged you have to give 8 facts/habits/etc about yourself, saying who tagged you. You don't have to do it though *g*

Tag you're it (and the unlucky winners are)...sgatlantislight and tiranog.

1) I hate cantelope, it makes me nauseous

2) I love Wallace and Grommit

3) There is no god but chocolate

4) Well, black cherry ice cream with real black cherries is maybe a minor god in my pantheon

5) I once drove from Boston to Nashua NH for a job interview without paying any tolls because my wallet had been stolen.

6) Some people think I'm smart....I have them fooled

7) The women in my family live forever so you will be stuck with me for a good long time

8) I drink my first cup of coffee each day in bed.