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Shadowland Chapter 1

Shadowland Chapter 1

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title: Shadowland
Chapter: 1
Rating: Currently PG, overall NC-17
Pairing: Beckett/McKay
Spoilers: Trinity

“Tell Rodney to get his ass down here!” Sheppard held a hand over each ear as he yelled into his mouthpiece. Seawater was pouring into Desalinization Station One through one of the iris valves. “How the hell did this happen anyway?” He could see Kavanaugh’s lips moving but the roar of the water flooding the huge bay in the lowest level of the city drowned out his words. John turned and ran back through the doorway to where the sound was a little muted and touched his earpiece, “RODNEY!”

The sight of Radek hurrying down the hall only partially distracted Sheppard from the silence that greeted his hail of the Chief Science Officer. He shoved the desire to rip McKay a new one to the back of his mind and pitched in to help the Czech and his assistant stop the city from sinking. Two hours later they were watching as Atlantis’s bilge pumps thrummed and water was sucked back out into the ocean. Radek swore and extracted himself from inside the control unit for the plant. When he stood up he handed the Colonel a dead fish. “It is ruined!”

John looked at the greenish brown creature limp in his hand then at the scientist, puzzled and more than a little annoyed. “The control unit, not the fish!” Radek poked at the scaly beast and a cracked a small smile, “Well, the fish too!” It was obvious from John’s expression that he wasn’t amused. The Czech shrugged. “We can rebuild once we get the water and muck and….” He gestured at the dying creature, “Charlie Tuna out.”

John tossed the mostly dead body into the receding water and stalked out, muttering Rodney’s name under his breath. He was pissed. It had taken way too long to get the valve working and that was the only reason the control unit was dead. Nothing against Radek, he was brilliant, but Rodney knew this system inside out. John was livid that their Chief Scientist couldn’t even be bothered to show his face during an emergency. He was going to set Dr. Rodney McKay straight about a few things. Apparently blowing up most of a solar system hadn’t been enough. John vowed to himself that after he was done with Rodney that monumental ego of his would finally be small enough to fit back inside the lost city itself.

Four hours later Colonel John Sheppard was the last one to enter the conference room. He was cleaned up, changed and from the look on everyone else’s face, not the only worried member of the senior staff.

  • oh, a great start, you've got me wondering where Rodney is. Looks like John might be an ass in this one. Looking forward to the next chapter, which will be soon, right? ;D
    • Surprisingly, for me, I actually have most of this one done. Just reworking it a littl after being bludgeoned by my beta. she's so good, she doesn't let me get lazy.

      So yeah, you won't have to wait too long....
    • Yeah, she's like that, ya know? Merciless, threatened to tie me up and withhold chocolate.......
    • LOL. I think the threat of witholding chocolate is pretty cruel in itself. *g*
  • damn you people and your cliff hangers. I too am very curious.
    • cliff hanger? Looks around, smiles, blinks with big, wide, innocent eyes....

  • (no subject) -
    • Good questions, but if I tell you that I'll have to kill you....or make you go work with Kavanaugh.

      Patience Grasshopper.
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